Mental Health and Addictions Counselling Diploma

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The  Mental Health and Addictions Counselling Diploma Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to provide assistance in the  various community settings . This includes assisting and counselling clients with mental health related problems such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and addictions. Students will also learn how to facilitate support groups using counselling skills, psychotherapy theories, provide support to clients using emotional support and  techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Course duration 950 hours or 40 weeks

Course includes a 480 clinical practicum in a mental health and addictions clinic

Pre requisites:  Ontario Secondary School diploma or equivalent, Hepatitis B vaccine, TB skin text, criminal reference check for the vulnerable sector, and first aid CPR.

Course content

Introduction to Social Service and  Mental Health counselling

Counselling Methodologies Behavioural and Cognitive Modalities

Models and approaches of therapy          

Ethics in Counselling                                      

Introductory Psychology and Developmental Psychology

Mental Health conditions

Delivery of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Listening skills and Validation, report writing

Interviewing skills In Counselling                                

Individual Counselling and Group Counselling

How to assist  someone in a crisis

Common problems in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Abuse and Trauma

Being a Therapist

 Introduction to addiction, and addiction counseling

Understanding addictions and substance abuse

The cognitive behavioural approach relevant to addiction therapy

Cultural Differences in Counselling

Upon completion of theory and practice of this program the student will be awarded a Diploma.

Course  is tax deductible

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