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Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma

Become a  Diet and Nutrition Therapist,   or Holistic Health Nutritionist.  Course  is accredited by the National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners and approved as a vocation course under  by the ministry of Advanced Education and Training .
 The Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma qualifies for the Holistic  Nutrition Certification   The course allows students the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge in health, nutrition and diet therapy. Students will gain an understanding of the inter connectedness between nutrition, health, wellness, and lifestyle in regards to health. Student will learn how many health related conditions and diseases can be by improved using nutrition. Conditions including: Heart disease, acne, diabetes, obesity, stress, anxiety, fatigue and digestive problems.  Nutrition can largely determine how we look and feel and can also determine whether we will age prematurely or enjoy our lives to the full. By studying nutrition you will be able to promote healthy eating to your clients and enhance overall wellness.

Prerequisite: Grade 12 education or equivalent, a good working knowledge of English language and English comprehension, access to  and be able to use a computer​, Criminal reference check, hep B vaccine and Tb skin test

Course duration 1080 hours or 40 weeks completed online

Course content includes:

Module 1. Introduction to Food Nutrition, Health Promotion, and Diet therapy

Module 2. What is  Carbohydrates

Module 3.  Lipids and fats

Module 4 . Protein sources and use including tissue repair

Module 5. Digestive System,  digestion and Metabolism

Module 6. Energy and Balance

Module 7. Vitamins therapy

Module 8. Minerals

Module 9. Fluids and Electrolytes

Module 1o. Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation

Module 11. Nutrition during Infancy, Childhood and adolescence

Module 12. Nutrition in Adulthood

Module 14. Community Nutrition and cultural patterns

Module 15. Weight Management, Nutrition and Physical Fitness, Nutrition care, Malnutrition

Module 13. Food borne Illness

Module 16. Nutrition Care, Therapeutic Planning Process, Phases of the Care Process

Module 17. Physical Fitness and Exercise

Module 18 . Digestive system , Gastrointestinal Disorders and accessory organs

Module 22. Nutrition and Diet Plan for Surgery

Module 19.  Cardiovascular system and Diseases of the cardiovascular system or the heart including high blood pressure and  heart disease

Module 21 Kidney disease ,urinary system and dietary consideration

Module 20. Endocrine system and diseases of the endocrine glands including Diabetes Mellitus, nutrition therapy for the diabetic client

Module 24 Effective communication skills

Module 23. Nutrition Support in cancer and Aids patients

Module 25. Health promotions

Module 26. case studies

Student will have a total of 1080 hours  or 40 weeks  to complete this course. 

Course can be completed as quickly or in your own time within the 12 month period.

Student must complete 10 case studies that they will find on their own utilizing the nutrition assessment process and health promotion plan.

Course is tax deductible

This course is approved as a vocational course  by the ministry of Advanced Education and Training

Upon completion and passing of all modules of the Nutrition and Diet Therapy online, passing  holistic nutrition competency exam set by NAHHP  the student will be awarded a diploma in Nutrition and Diet Therapy, and will receive a 1 year membership with the National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners NAHHP and will be able to use the protected designation of LHHP- License Holistic Health Practitioner. Flexible start date available.

This course qualify you as a Nutrition and Diet Therapist and the Holistic Health Nutritionist 

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Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma Online